Imperial Knights House Hawkshroud Army

This particular commission was for ourclient’s Warhammer 40k Imperial Knight Hawkshroud army. It was a thrilling challenge, as we were tasked with painting five regular knights and two armigers to a level 3 quality with weathering effects. Additionally, there was a Dominus Pattern Knight to be painted to a level 4 quality, complete with battle damage and weathering effects.

The regular knights and armigers were painted to a level 3 quality, which allowed us to capture the intricate details of the armor and weapons, while also adding weathering effects to give the miniatures a sense of history and battle experience. The weathering effects included chipping, scratches, and dirt accumulation, which were carefully applied to each miniature to create a unique and realistic look.

Level 3 Knights

The Dominus Pattern Knight, on the other hand, required extra attention to detail and a higher level of painting expertise. This miniature was painted to a level 4 quality, which allowed us to apply careful battle damage and weathering effects that gave the impression of a long and storied battle history. The paint was expertly layered and blended, creating the illusion of damage that was both realistic and aesthetically pleasing.

Level 4 Knight

All of the miniatures were placed on cityscape bases to match the client’s existing army, which created a cohesive and uniform look across the entire army. The bases included intricate cityscape pieces, such as crumbling ruins and debris, that were carefully crafted and painted to create a realistic and immersive battlefield environment.

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