Lord of the Rings Rivendell Elves

Welcome to the final installment of our series about commission painting additional miniatures for a client’s existing Lord of the Rings army. In this last batch, we had the pleasure of painting Rivendell Elves, including infantry, basic characters, and some key figures.

The infantry were painted to a level 2 quality, which allowed us to capture the elegance and grace of the Rivendell Elves while keeping the price affordable for the client. We used careful layering and highlighting to create depth and texture on the armor and clothing, giving each miniature a unique and individualized look.

Level 2

For the basic characters like Arwen and Elrond on foot and his cavalry, we painted them to a level 3 quality. This higher level of detail allowed us to bring out the unique features and details that make these characters so memorable. We spent extra time on each miniature, creating a sense of depth and texture that really captured the essence of the Rivendell Elves.

Level 3

Finally, for the key figures like Elrond and Tauriel, we painted them to a level 4 quality, which is one of the higher level of detail and realism that we offer. These miniatures received extra attention to every detail, including blending, layering, and highlighting. We wanted to make sure that each figure was a true standout piece that would capture the spirit of the Lord of the Rings universe.

Level 4


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