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Last of the Talisman Expansions

Well we finally have finished off all the Talisman commissions. The images below are a sample of each of the remaining expansions. Its sad as FFG are no longer making Talisman anymore, though there are a heap of expansions and stock out in the real world for those still wishing […]

Talisman Dungeon

Talisman Dungeon, Bloodmoon and Frostmarch Expansion

As part of our ongoing Talisman commission, we are painting up four commissions containing all the Talisman expansions so far made by Fantasy Flight Games. All the miniatures are being painted to Standard Quality. Here is the next sets – the Dungeon, Frostmarch and Bloodmoon expansions. Below is a sample […]


Talisman Core Set

As part of a large ongoing commission, we are painting several Talisman commissions all at once over the course of the year. The commissions are for every Talisman expansion made. To begin with we have just completed the core set which are painted to Standard quality. The next set is the Dungeon […]

Talisman The Dragon Expansion

Talisman – Every Expansion Painted!

Over the past several months, we have been painting as part of a commission the entire Talisman Board game (including expansions) range by Fantasy Flight miniatures. Here is the results!

Talisman sage & Knight

Talisman Board Game

A quick update today to let know what I’ve been working on. I’m currently working on a Talisman set for a client; all the miniatures for all their expansions. I’ve lost count of how many miniatures there acutally are, I think it’s in the realms of 50 or 60 miniatures. Here are some images of those that are completed.

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