Japanese Dystopian Wars 2.0 Fleet

This week saw the completion of another Dystopian Wars commission. Again this was a continuation of a previous Japanese Dystopian Wars fleet. Most of the warships in this commission came from the Dystopian Wars 2.0 edition starter box set.

The fleet included the warships, the water base, some merchant ships, a whole stack of counters and even some islands. Everything was magnetised including the small little cranes and cargo boxes for the merchant ships.

The Islands come from Amera Plastics Island Starter set. They were bases on 5mm MDF board and then flocked and painted.The main island also had a small perch made from Plaster of Paris to allow the tower to rest stably on it (see the pics below).

All in all it was a rather large commission but as always with Spartan Games products, there was very little cleaning required as most of the products don’t have visible mold lines or flashing (which saves me a lot of time repairing).


IMG_0355 IMG_0354

IMG_0359 IMG_0358
IMG_0360 IMG_0361
IMG_0363 IMG_0362
IMG_0356 IMG_0366
IMG_0364 IMG_0365
IMG_0368 IMG_0367
IMG_0370 IMG_0369
IMG_0348 IMG_0351

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