Imperial Knights with background story

These three Imperial Knight Castigator and Lancers were painted up for a client’s personal Knights Household of Kildare. These knights were painted up to our Level 3 quality with magnetised weaponry. There are three ranks of knights, with the number of black vines indicating rank (along with the number of black roses near the cockpit hatch).

20160715-Imperial Knights-005

This is the background story of the Knight House of Kildare:

The Noble Knight House of Kildare came to rule Kildrech soon after their colony ship landed on the planet close to ten millennia ago. Continually harassed by Xenos raiders and the ever present danger of hostile native predatory beasts, the Knights quickly became the primary line of defence for the population. However there were other aspects of danger which the Knights could not protect its people from. Kildrech was scattered with a plethora of deadly flora and fauna and while the more bestial animals could be attacked and put down, a lot of the others were of a more subtle nature; poisonous plants, silent reptiles which would drag unsuspecting people under water, small rodents capable of paralyzing larger animals with a bite and dozens of other threats.

Unable to fight the threats of plants and insects, the House instead protected their people by planting vast fields of black roses in the areas known to contain lethal dangers to represent a warning; these flowers became known as a Thanatos Rose after the ancient Terran Greeko god of non violent death. So strong a symbolism were the flowers that they become the principle device and coat of arms of the House. While a number of quasi religions did spring up over the thousands of years, the Knights of Kildare often discouraged such preaching and instead insisted that people trust their fates and destinies and that they, the Knights, alone could help them side step such dangers and twist in their fates.

Synonymous with the symbolism of the Thanatos Roses and the peoples belief in a predetermined destiny or fate, the House personified this belief and created a triumvirate within their ranks, taking on the guise of the ancient Moirai; the controllers of the fate of every mortal. This ruling council of three were embodied in three mighty Knight; Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos. Towering engines of white, ornately decorated with the twisting vines and petals of the notorious and symbolic Black Roses, a warning of imminent death wielded by the shapers of fate themselves.


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