Warhammer 40k buildings for a Shrine World

20150730-40k Buildings-004

We recently completed some more Warhammer 40k Scenery to add to a clients existing boards. The theme was to carrying through was for a Warhammer 40k Shrineworld. The client had made some very nice buildings that were to be painted, weathered and some object source lighting.

We had a few people ask what colours we used to do the OSL for the street lamps yellow glow. Below are the colours we used:


All the buildings were weathered using a combination of Games Workshop colours and AK interactive weathering paints/powders. Here is a closeup of a building to show the weather streaking, rust and patina on the copper carvings.


Below are all the buildings that were created by the client and painted by us:

20150730-40k Buildings-003 20150730-40k Buildings-004
20150730-40k Buildings-005 20150730-40k Buildings-006
20150730-40k Buildings-007 20150730-40k Buildings-008
20150730-40k Buildings-009 20150730-40k Buildings-010
20150730-40k Buildings-011 20150730-40k Buildings-012
20150730-40k Buildings-013 20150730-40k Buildings-014
20150730-40k Buildings-002 20150730-40k Buildings-001
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