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Ultramarine Characters

Lots more Ultramarines completed for the ongoing Ultramarine army commission. This time its the character models and a scout squadall painted to level 4 quality.


A Crazy Start to the Year

Hi everyone, sorry there hasn’t been an update since last year. Well what a wonderful start to the year. We’re based in Canberra Australia and we’ve had some of the very insane weather and natural disasters over the past 3 months. It started with a huge amount of smoke settling […]


Chaos Reaver Titan

This Forgeworld Reaver Titan was painted for the 30k Word Bearer army that we have been painting up. It is the second titan for the army. The base was built around the titan after it was screwed to the base. around the feet the tiles were smashed to emphasise the […]


Kingdom Death Monster

Lots more Kingdom Death Monsters being completed. This time its the Smoke Knight and the Watcher painted to level 5 quality using NMM techniques for the armour and weapons.


Roboute Guilliman

Roboute was requested by the client to be painted in Games Workshop studio colours to level 4 quality.


Kingdom Death Phoenix

Kingdom Death core game Phoenix painted to level 4 quality.


Word Bearers Praetors

These Horus Heresy Praetors from Forge World were painted in the Word Bearer’s colour scheme. These were painted to level 4 quality.


Suicide Squad – DC Universe

This DC Universe collection of super heores is from the Knight Model range. These were painted to level 5 quality and using the NMM techniques for metallics.


Suicide Squad

This Suicide Squad boxset from Knight Models commission was painted to level 5 quality. The colour scheme was to follow the movie’s colour scheme for the characters. NMM metal techniques were used for metalliics and gold colours. All the bases were painted to look like a broken cityscape/road.


Chaos Warhound Titan

The Chaos Warhound was painted to level 4 quality to a custom colour scheme for the client. It was based to add additional support and to tie in the Titan to the clients existing army which was snow based. External The model was based with a snow theme. The base […]