Vladimir Tzepesci, Great Prince of Umbrey

Vladimir Tzepesci

Vladimir is the first off the line of an upcoming Warmachine Khador army. The client is just beginning their Khador army and wants the whole army painted to Display quality (its going to look spectacular). The basic theme of the army will be to follow the Khador red colours of the studio and to have all the miniatures based on snow-covered ground.

Before I forget, I have only recently found that the best snow results come from Secret Weapon’s crushed glass mix. I’ve used other brands of ‘snow’ before and they look like either fluffy white powder or white coloured flock. I intend to use the crushed glass on all the bases in the army and will try some variations of wet snow, new snow, eluting snow and ice rivers to see how far I can take this scenic material.

As always (unless told otherwise) all Display miniatures use Non-metallic metal to paint metal and gold. The reason being is that you can control the shadows and light sources a lot better. Vladmir followed roughly the studio colours and NMM metals and golds and he himself was placed slightly off angle on his horse with a slight lean tilting into the spear.

The whole miniature was mounted on a snow-covered granite looking rock with some white pigment powder brushed around the horses feet.

Keep an eye out for the rest of the army.

Vladimir Tzepesci Vladimir Tzepesci
Vladimir Tzepesci Vladimir Tzepesci
Vladimir Tzepesci Vladimir Tzepesci
Vladimir Tzepesci Vladimir Tzepesci
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