Sonnia Creed – Malifaux

Well I finally got to paint my first Malifaux miniature – Sonnia Creed. I’ve been back painting and
doing commissions for over 2 years now and this is the first time I’ve had a chance to paint Malifuax, and boy was I in for a treat. Then new 2nd edition plastic miniatures are highly detailed in a nice hard plastic.

The client wanted the miniature painted to a display standard with some black and blue on the miniature, blue flames on the sword and some Object Lighting coming from the lantern. I followed the  Malifaux artwork pretty closely as this named character already had some blue and black already on her.

The miniature was painted up with the Object Lighting coming off the lantern and sword done last.


Sonnia Creed Sonnia Creed
Sonnia Creed Sonnia Creed
Sonnia Creed Sonnia Creed
Sonnia Creed Sonnia Creed
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