Warhammer 40k 25th Anniversary Model

Crimson Fist

It’s not often that I actually get time to paint something for myself let alone anything for my armies. One of the downsides of commission painting is that you often don’t feel like painting when it comes to your own miniatures. In fact I’ve been playing a lot of Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing as it’s a enjoyable game but everything is already painted (pretty nicely for machine painting).

I had the warhammer 40k 25th anniversary model sitting half completed on my shelf for too long and when I had the recent Pedro Kantor commission I decided that since the colours were already on the palate, I might as well finish the model and free up some space on my storage shelves.

The miniature was mounted to a display base I at some time in the future I will go and get a copper plate naming the model an attach it to the base – but that’s for a another day.

Crimson Fist Crimson Fist Crimson Fist

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