Kabuki Model’s Dark Messiah Mater Lacrimosa

I was recently engaged to paint a Kabuki Model miniature of the Dark Messiah range, the Mater Lacrimosa. The miniature was to be painted up to Display Standard with the only caveat being that a flowing cape was to be sculpted and added to the miniature. I had free reign on the color scheme.

The Kabuki Model range tends to be true 28mm rather than the Hero 28mm range of common publishers like Games Workshop and Privateer Press. These miniatures are beautifully detailed and Mater Lacrimosa was no exception. It also came with a nice base which appeared to be some type of ruined temple piece, so I didn’t have to worry about creating the base.

First thing I did was to create a flowing cape using Green Stuff. As you can see in the images below, it turned out ok but not good enough. I continued to paint the whole miniature but as I was drawing to the end of painting it kept grinding on me that it wasn’t good enough. I finally gave in at the end and ripped the cape off and rebuilt it (as seen in the final images).

The miniature itself was painted to our Display Standard using Non-Metal metallic techniques. I wanted the armour to be a soft grey metal, accentuated with gold rimming with highlights of red. I carried this 3 paint scheme our all over the miniature.

Finally I painted the base in a cream marble color. I tried a new technique for painting marble which not only looked better but was actually very easy and fast to do. I will be showing you in a future post how to do this technique.

Below are some of the work in progress shots right through to completion. I hope you enjoy.

Front View

Mater Lacrimosa 1mater lacrimosa 2mater lacrimosa 3mater lacrimosa 4mater lacrimosa 5mater lacrimosa 6mater lacrimosa 7mater lacrimosa 8mater lacrimosa 9







Rear View

mater lacrimosa 1mater lacrimosa 2mater lacrimosa 3mater lacrimosa 4mater lacrimosa 6mater lacrimosa 5





Final Images

ater Lacrimosa Final Image ater Lacrimosa Final Image ater Lacrimosa Final Image ater Lacrimosa Final Image ater Lacrimosa Final Image





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