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Well things have started to get back to normal. A lot of the commissions that needed to be completed for Late March have been completed and the April commissions have begun.

The Imperial Fists force is nearly completed, in fact they should be done by Wednesday so look out for the update post then.

Just received and assembled a Chaos Blood Bowl team. It’s a very nice team which consists of Beastmen and Armoured warriors. They’re not Games Workshop miniatures, but rather from a very well sculpted third-party (I’ll find out where from and post back).

The Aleph Infinity miniatures have also been cleaned, assembled and undercoated – Infinity miniatures are very nice sculpts but damn they have some tiny pieces that need gluing.

Another batch of Khador miniatures have arrived and will be prepped and assembled shortly. These are also getting the Display Quality treatment.

Finally I have received a new and vital tool in the studio… The GW Bugmans Coffee mug! Ah sweeeet caffeine.

Wes’s Workbench

 d photo 5
 photo 4  photo 3
 photo 1

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