Weekly Updates

Whats on the Painting Table

Hi everyone, this weeks commission updates are below. I will be using these weekly updates to provide updates on what is currently undergoing painting for theweek as well as any notable updates. These updates will go out each Monday.

Delivery Schedule

We are still under a hard lockdown in the ACT. We are due to complete the lockdown on the 15th October. Parcel deliveries in the ACT are a complete mess, they are very slow to send and recieve. We have some supplies coming in but we are still waiting more which may affect the speed we deliver some of the commissions. I have also updated the Delivery Schedule.

Drukhari Force

Durkhari Force is still being painted, making progress.

D&D Heroes

The D&D heroes have been rebased and have had the parts swapped where needed. Painting will begin this week.


The remaining Necron army including a large contruct is underway.

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