March Dreadfleet Commission Specials

Hi everyone,

We are currently receiving quiet a few orders for Dreadfleet commission work. As such we intend to make March the Dreadfleet commission month. There will be no commission work during this month other than the following special.

March Dreadfleet Commission Special
We will be taking on 4 Dreadfleet commissions for the month of March. These commissions will be completed to a display standard (As pictured throughout this blog’s postings). Normally to paint a set like this where each model is vastly differing to the other models, and with so many pieces it would cost in excess of $500. But with our focus on only one game and with no other commission type work for the month, we will be offering it at $350.

Some images of painting quality for this commission is located in the Dreadfleet Gallery.

Please contact us to book one of the 4 spots.

The paint scheme will follow the default colours as pictured within the rulebook.

The Price includes the commission painting only. It does not include the purchase of the game or return postage (please contact us for postage prices to your area). If you require us to acquire the box set, please note that it is no longer supplied by Games Workshop and we will need to acquire it from a local retailer or through eBay, thus the price of the box set may fluctuate between orders.

We will continue to take regular commission orders now for the period after March. Please contact us for more details for other commission work.


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