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Dreadfleet Swordfysh

Painted Dreadfleet SwordfyshWhen I first looked at the Swordfysh, I thought it would be relatively simple to paint the ship; it was mostly black.

Unfortunately I was quite wrong. There is enough detail and stark contrast colours to ensure that there was many touch ups and cock-eyed painting going on.

So let’s get into the thick of it, here’s how I painted it:

To being with, the ships hull was glued and assembled (including the front sail). The masts were glued to the sails and all pieces were under coated black.

Painted Dreadfleet SwordfyshThe outward facing hull was re-coated in a watered down black to ensure it was smooth over the undercoat. A 2:1 mix of black and GW Shadow Grey was applied to the top of the hull (where it meets the cannon bays) and around the front. A final highlight was applied to the very edges with a watered down GW Shadow Grey.

The above technique was also used on the sails with the exception that the final highlight was a 1:1 mix of black and Shadow Grey.

The Cannon bay trimmings were base coated of GW Shining Gold was applied. Once dry, a thin coat of GW Burnished Gold was applied to the raised areas. Finally a 2:1 mix of Burnished Gold and GW Mithril Silver was applied to the very tips of the gold areas as the final highlight.

Painted Dreadfleet SwordfyshThe Bone tips on the hull, the masts and the front prow were all base coated in GW Dheneb Stone. A Wash of GW Devlen mud was then applied to the lower recesses. Once dry another wash of GW Gryphonne Sepia was applied on top of and around the previous wash (in a cascading effect). Once dry, the area was then drybrushed in GW Bleached Bone. A final highlight of white was applied to the very tips and edges.

The hull’s deck was painted with GW Calthan Brown. Once dry, mix a 2:1 ration for Calthan Brown and GW Bleached Bone. Dry brush this on in a circular motion from where the sail post holes in the hull are. Give it a large spread. Next mix a 1:1 ration of Calthan Brown and Bleached Bone, and dry brush this in a smaller spread around the post holes.


Painted Dreadfleet SwordfyshThe sail’s skeleton were base coated in GW Astronomican Grey and highlighted with white. The green creatures on the sails were base coated in a 1:1 mix of GW Hawk Turquoise and GW Dark Angel Green. The next highlight was made with a 2:1 mix of the base coat and white. The final highlight was a 1:1 mix of the base coat and white – but watered down to ensure better blending.

Glue all the remaining components together and apply a gentle coat of matte varnish to finish the ship off.

Painted Dreadfleet SwordfyshPainted Dreadfleet Swordfysh

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