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Dreadfleet Seadrake

Dreadfleet SeadrakePainting the Dreadfleet’s Seadrake is relatively simple compared to some of the other ships in the box set.

This article will explain how we painted the ship.

The ship was assembled with the hull being glued together, the sails glued to the masts and the sea base left separated. This leaves us with three separate components (well five components if you count each of the masts) to paint.

All the components were under coated in black.

The water base was painted as discussed in the previous article Painting Sea Bases.

Dreadfleet SeadrakeThe external facing hull of the ship was painted in Games Workshop Space Wolf Grey. Several thin layers were applied to ensure that none of the black undercoat could be seen coming through. After this was dry, several white coats were applied over the top, being careful to leave a little of the grey exposed near the sea-line and around the windows on the hull’s side.

The gold trimming and window edges were touched up in black again, after which a basecoat of GW Shining Gold was applied. Once dry, a thin coat of GW Burnished Gold was applied to the raised areas. Finally a 2:1 mix of Burnished Gold and GW Mithril Silver was applied to the very tips of the gold areas as the final highlight.

The Dragon was under coated in GW Red Gore. Once dry, it was then dry brushed in GW Blood Red, paying attention to the raised areas on the wings. A final highlight 1:1 mix of GW Blood Red and GW Blazing Orange was drybrushed on to the very peaks and edges of the dragon.

The hull’s deck was base coated in GW Calthan Brown. Once dry, mix a 2:1 ration for Calthan Brown and GW Bleached Bone. Dry brush this on in a circular motion from where the sail post holes in the hull are. Give it a large spread. Next mix a 1:1 ration of Calthan Brown and Bleached Bone, and dry brush this in a smaller spread around the post holes.

Dreadfleet SeadrakeThe towers and masts were base coated in GW Dheneb Stone. A wash of GW Gryphonne Sepia was applied. Once dry, the area was then drybrushed in GW Bleached Bone. A final highlight of white was applied to the very tips and edges.

The sails and tower roofs were base coated in GW Regal Blue. It was layered in watered down GW Enchanted blue. A final highlight of 1:1 mix of Enchanted Blue and GW Ice Blue.

Once all the ship components have been completed, assemble all the components and finished it with a gentle coat of matte varnish.

Dreadfleet Seadrake

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