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Word Bearer’s Air & Ground Power

Another catch up post. This time its for the ongoing Horus Heresy Word Bearer army. This is the last of the Word Bearer forces themselves (all thats left is a Titan Maniple for them). The Scorpion and Decimator were painted to level 4 quality whilst the flyers were painted to […]


Horus Heresy Word Bearers Legion

I’ve finally have some spare time to upload some more completed miniature images from the studio. Even though we are currently not taking commissions, I’ll still be uploading images of completed miniatures from commissions as we work our way through to catching up. As such prepare for a whole lot […]


Warhammer 30k Word Bearers Dreadnoughts

Well this is the first post of many for a new large commission. It is a very large Word Bearer Horus Heresy army. First up is this range of dreadnoughts painted to our level 3 quality. All have had Chaos/Word Bearer symbols painted on to their armour. The colour scheme […]