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Warmachine Khador

Apologies all, its been a few weeks without a commissions update. This was due largely to all the flu and sickness going around. So very little was painted and I was too sick to put up any updates. Thus this weeks update is a little larger than normal. This week has had a lot of Warmachine miniatures painted up (which is makes a nice change from the normal Games Workshop products).

I’ve been painting up some more Warmachine Khador miniatures. Also portion of Infinity Aleph miniatures have been completed and some Blood Bowl miniatures are still work in progress.

Lee has painted up some more Warmachine Cygnar miniatures for an ongoing tabletop army, whilst Chris has been working on some Warmachine Menoth.

Wes’s Workbench

Warmachine Khador Warmachine Khador
Warmachine Khador Warmachine Khador
Warmachine Khador Blood Bowl
Infinity Aleph Infinity Aleph

Lee’s Workbench

Warmachine Cygnar 1506572_736033386449667_7980604241849014499_n
Warmachine Cygnar Warmachine Cygnar
Warmachine Cygnar

Chris’ Workbench

Warmachine Menoth
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