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Well I’ve had lots of fun this past week. Lots of commissions completed and lots of blistered fingers drilling and filing Khador Miniatures. I’ll put up some posts during this week of the completed commissions so stay tuned for those. In the mean time here is whats on our plate at the moment:

Relic Core Game

With the completion of the Fantasy Flight Games Relic: Nemesis expansions, we had some clients opt to also have their Relic Core busts also completed. So we have cleaned and prepped the busts for painting – they should get their first lick of paint in the next few days.

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Khador Iron Fang Uhlans

These little guys have made my poor fingers bleed. These are metal miniatures that come in so many parts that the designer of these must have been pure evil. Each arms and legs are separate from the main body, even the lances are separate from their carrying arms. I’ve pinned all the pieces together but it took the best part of two entire days! Now all the miniatures have had their red coats painted on and highlighted. Next is the gold and metal and then they just need to be based.
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Khador Bombardier Bombshell

Whilst I’m painting up the Khador Uhlans, I thought it might be a great time to quickly share the paint over on to my Privateer Press Khador Bombardier Bombshell from Gencon. I’ve based the miniature on a pre made plinth.


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Infinity Aleph Miniatures

The next installment of Infinity miniature for our client’s Aleph forces is almost finished being cleaned and constructed. These miniatures will match the previous Aleph forces that has already come through our services.
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