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Now I normally start these weekly updates whining about how hectic things have been and then show some of our work in progress images. Well let me say this time I’m not just complaining for nothing, it really has been so damn busy with commissions that I’ve not even had time to update this site with even a few completion images let alone any news.

So let me say sorry up front that today’s weekly update post doesn’t capture all the work we have already painted and delivered over the past several weeks. I’ll put some posts up later showing some of these cool commissions later on.

This week there is still a stack of commissions that are starting and some close to completion. To begin with;

Golden Blood Angel Sanguinary Guard

A local client has some Sanguinary Guards being painted up th Standard quality with a character being painted to High quality. No basing is required for these guys. They all are following GW studio colours.



Space Hulk – Detail Madness!

A client from the US has sent through an incredible Space Hulk set with a difference. His take will be that rather the Blood Angels, he wants Deathwing Terminators. He sent through all his custom Terminators, all highly detailed with Deathwing iconography and with every weapon carefully magnetised! True detail madness!




Kingdom Death Pin-ups

Some lovely miniatures from Kingdom Death from another client from the US. These ladies are to be painted to Display Standard.




Nurgle, Nurgle, Nurgle – Chaos Brute and Greater Daemon

Some more Nurgle Chaos reinforcement for a local client who has been using us to put together his Chaos force. I’ll find his other work that we have done and put links in the final post for his paint work. These guys are to be painted to Standard Quality.




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  1. Thanks for the update, looking good C.P.!

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