Astra Militarum Tanks

We have completed another segment of the large Astra Militarum commission, this time featuring a formidable array of Imperial tanks. Each of these armored behemoths has been meticulously painted to a level 4 quality, and we have taken great care to apply weathering techniques and battle damage effects to enhance their realism.

Baneblade: The epitome of the Astra Militarum’s armored might, has been meticulously weathered and battle damaged. Employing weathering power paints, we have achieved a weathered and worn appearance, with rust effects and paint techniques adding a touch of realism to the vehicle’s panels and bolts. The addition of oil leaks, black soot, and carefully applied battle damage further immerses the viewer in the narrative of this colossal war machine’s many battles.

The Leman Russ Tanks: renowned for their versatility and firepower, have received special attention in this commission. With our level 4 painting techniques and weathering expertise, we have brought these tanks to life, giving them an authentic battle-worn appearance. Weathering powder paints were used to create the effect of dirt, grime, and wear on the hulls and tracks. The careful application of paint techniques showcases metal wearing on panels, while oil leaks and rusting effects add a touch of realism. Black soot around the cannons and engine exhausts completes the picture, telling the tale of countless engagements on the front lines.

The Leman Russ Demolishers: With their devastating firepower, have been treated with the same level of care and attention. We have skillfully applied weathering effects and battle damage techniques to these mighty tanks. The weathering power paints were used strategically to emphasize wear and tear, while paint techniques were employed to depict metal wearing and chipped paint on the hulls. Soot and oil stains around the demolisher cannons add an extra layer of realism, showcasing the immense power and destruction these tanks can unleash.

The Chimeras: Sturdy transport vehicles of the Astra Militarum, have also undergone meticulous weathering and battle damage treatment. Using weathering power paints, we have created the effect of dirt, dust, and grime, giving the vehicles an authentic appearance. Paint techniques have been employed to simulate metal wearing on the panels and bolts, while rust effects add a touch of realism to their battle-scarred exteriors. The addition of oil leaks and soot around the exhaust pipes further enhances the vehicles’ rugged and battle-hardened aesthetic.

The Manticore: A formidable artillery platform, has received the same level of attention as its counterparts. Through careful weathering and battle damage techniques, we have achieved a realistic appearance that speaks to its immense power. Weathering power paints were used to create the effect of dirt, dust, and grime, while paint techniques were employed to depict metal wearing and rusting on the chassis. Black soot and oil stains around the missile launcher system add the final touches, enhancing the Manticore’s imposing presence.

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