Battle of Westeros: Lannisters

Battle of Westeros: LannistersThese are the Lannisters troop contingent included in the Fantasy Flight board game Battle of Westeros based on the Novel and TV series Game of Thrones. These troops have been painted up as part of a current commission.

The plastic miniatures are quite small and some of the details have not been molded on fully. These features have had to be painted back on to the miniatures, which wasn’t hard but a little time consuming.

Battle of Westeros: LannistersI’ve kept with a red scheme as appropriate for the house Lannisters. The little lions are very hard to paint on as such a small level (the shields). As this scale, it would be very useful to find appropriate small transfers as this iconography has to be painted across a large number of miniatures.

Next to be painted will be the troop contingent from house Stark.

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