Multiple Malifaux Forces

We’ve just recently completed a large Malifaux commission. The commission entailed painting several gangs (the Kin and Hire Guns) plus some additional models to High Quality commission level. The gang leaders were painted to a level above the rest at Display Quality.

The Kin’s bases were provided by the client (the inserts are Malifuax inserts form Wyrd themselves). All the other bases were painted to match the client’s existing Malifuax miniatures.

The Heralds of Obliteration were assembled and based, though painting was not required as they were formed from a see through plastic which give them a ghostly effect already.

The Characters were painted to Display Standard with NMM techniques for the metals on the miniatures.


20160328-Malifaux-027-Edit 20160328-Malifaux-028

Hired Guns

20160328-Malifaux-021 20160328-Malifaux-022

The Kin

20160328-Malifaux-023 20160328-Malifaux-024
20160328-Malifaux-017 20160328-Malifaux-018


20160328-Malifaux-013 20160328-Malifaux-014 20160328-Malifaux-015 20160328-Malifaux-016

Heralds of Obliteration

20160328-Malifaux-025 20160328-Malifaux-026


20160328-Malifaux-019 20160328-Malifaux-020


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