New Painting Area

With the moving of my house completed, it was time to setup my new painting area and reorganise  my workload and routines.

I’ve put a few more lights in the area to help alleviate shadows on the miniatures whilst I paint them; you can never have enough lights. I do need to still get some daylite bulbs for these lights though.

I have some shelving to the right of the desk to put all the work in progress and completed commission paint jobs on. I like having a variety of miniatures on hand, sometimes whilst painting a whole batch of the same miniatures for an army, I need to stop and paint something else just to get some stimulation.

I still need to put up some painting charts and some common recipes on to the back wall (now that i have a back wall). I also need a paint pot rack as all the paints are taking up valuable desk space.

 Finally I have reorganised my painting routines; rather than every second day of large painting time blocks, i’m going to put aside several hours each week night. It will still be the same total time allocated for commission painting but better spread. This will also mean that I have more progress shots for clients and that I can estimate completion times much better. Another side affect to this change is that when something conflicts with a painting day that i’m not losing alot of allocated painting time. Weekend painting time will be still several hours but they will be dedicated to my own paint works and competition entries. (I need some time to grt through my mountain of to-do’s as well).

Here are some pictures of before and after:



Old Painting Area

Old Painting Area



New Painting Area

New Painting Area

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