A Crazy Start to the Year

Hi everyone, sorry there hasn’t been an update since last year. Well what a wonderful start to the year. We’re based in Canberra Australia and we’ve had some of the very insane weather and natural disasters over the past 3 months. It started with a huge amount of smoke settling in Canberra from all the fires in the surrounds states. Our smoke was so noxious, we were the most polluted city on earth for several weeks (everyone was walking around in masks). Then the fires surrounded the city and threatened to burn it; with a huge effort from fire fighting services it was held at bay for weeks and finally mother nature ended it with a severe weather change – rain and lots of it. Canberra then received a crazy amount of rain (I think it was more rain then all of 2019 in two days). During this storm it hailed golf balls through the city destroying hundreds of cars, roofs and other structures. Finally we thought it was all over, and now we are battening down the hatches as the Corina virus starts to take hold here. Amongst all this we did manage to get some painting done which i’ll start posting soon. Thank you to everyone for your understanding and patience.

The picture show the smoke in Canberra, the firestorm nearing Canberra and hail all over the roads (thats not snow)


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