Maege & Great Jon

Maege and Great Jon painted from Battle of Westeros

 The last two Battle of Westeros characters on foot have now been finished. They’re both Starks; Maege and Great Jon.

Great Jon was the first to be painted.

On a black undercoat, his coat was base coated in GW Astronomican Grey. Several highlights were made by adding white to the base coat, until the final highlight was pure white. A brown line was painted across the bottom of the cape using GW Calthan Brown.

The leggings and clothing on the arms were base coated GW Dheneb Stone and highlighted with a 1:1 mix of Dheneb Stone and white.

The metal armour was base coated with GW Gun Metal and highlighted with GW Mithril silver. No further highlights between these colours were needed due to the size of the miniature.

The bronze armour was basecoated with GW Tin Bitz and highlighted with GW Dwarf Bronze. 

Maege’s leggings and arm clothing and metal armour was painted in the same way as Great Jon. Her tabard was painted in GW Calthan brown. It was then given a GW Devlan Mud wash paying particular attention the recesses. Highlights to the jacket were made by adding GW Bleached bone to Calthan Brown until the final highlight was achieved of a 1:1 mix.

Her shield was basecoated in GW Snakebite Leather and highlighted around the rims and the end of the shield with a 2:1 mix if Snakebite Leather and GW Bleached Bone.

The bases of both miniatures were painted in GW Gretchin Green and flocked.

Maege and Great Jon painted from Battle of Westeros

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