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Battle of Westeros Jamie and Gregor

Painting Jaime & Gregor

The first two characters from the Battle of Westeros game have been completed. This being Jaime Lannister and Gregor Clegane. Both miniatures were undercoated in black. Each miniature was painted with multiple highlights to ensure better blending.

Battle of Westeros Stark Warhost

Stark Warhost and Archers

The last forces of the Stark’s is now completed; the Warhost and the archers. With so many miniatures in the Warhost, this part of the commission took the longest. Painting again was done in a production/assembly line process whereby I painted a segment on each of the miniatures first before […]

Battle of Westeros Stark Knights

Additional Stark Forces

More Stark forces from the Battle of Westeros board game have been completed for a commission. This batch includes the horsemen and Kennelmasters. With the sheer amount of miniatures that are included in this board game, I’ve decided to make all the horses and hounds the same colour to ensure that I […]


Stark Colour Scheme

 The following images are the Stark’s colour scheme for the Battle of Westeros commission. The colour scheme focussing on a the muddy earth colours and the white woolen fleece to keep them warm (being from the north). Once completed, the fun begins with the character models.