Imperial Knight

Imperial Knight
Finally I got to paint one of these awesome Imperial Knights from the Warhammer 40k universe. I’ve been wanting to get one of these for a while but instead those funds keep getting diverted to out of production games instead (I’ll show you my stash soon).

The client wanted the Imperial Knight painted in the Hawkshroud colours of yellow, black and white and the Legacy of Honour scheme. The model was to have the dirty battlefield appearance on a desert/sandy base. Both weapon options had to also be magnetised for use.

The model was built and painted in two halves; the Torso and the Legs.This meant that I could get to the detail bits underneath the carapace and it was also a lot easier to hold when painting.

One last thing, I decided to change the way I painted the yellow. You will note that the yellow is not as golden as in our previous commission with Imperial Fists. That’s because some of the yellow colours are now defunct from the GW range. This time round I used the newer range to test what the yellow will come through. As it turned out the yellow wa a little more canary then I would like, but it is reproducible. I might see if I can find a more golden brown/yellow base from another brand.

Below are the final images.

Imperial Knight Imperial Knight
Imperial Knight Imperial Knight
Imperial Knight Imperial Knight
Imperial Knight Imperial Knight



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