Fantasy Miniatures Batch 4

As we draw the curtains on this large commission in this forth installment, we are happy to present the final miniatures in this expansive collection of over 100 meticulously painted fantasy miniatures. This concluding chapter shines a spotlight on the captivating world of fantasy orcs, each miniature painted to our revered level 3 quality. From scenes of cooking and gambling to the bustling chaos of a butcher’s shop and the adrenaline of mounted adventures, this collection captures the vibrant diversity of orcish life.

This collection gives you a peek into how orcs live their lives. The figures are brought to life with a lot of detail. It’s like looking at a little orc world. You can see orcs cooking, having fun with games, and even busy as a butcher. And don’t miss the orcs on their big animals – they look like they’re ready for some action too. All of these models are painted rto our level 3 quality. They make us feel like we’re right there with the orcs, sharing in their adventures.

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