Fantasy Miniatures Batch 2

This is the second batch of the commission with a of over 100 meticulously painted fantasy miniatures. Each of these miniatures has been brought to life with an artistic touch that captures the essence of characters and individuals within a captivating fantasy realm. In this blog post, we are willshowcase this impressive array of miniatures, all painstakingly painted to our level 3 quality. This realm teems with iconic heroes, intriguing NPCs, and even some larger-than-life 54mm figures that add an extra layer of grandeur to the ensemble.

54mm Figures: Larger-Than-Life Presence Adding a touch of grandeur to this collection are the 54mm figures, commanding attention with their larger-than-life presence. Painted to level 3 quality, these miniatures become centerpieces. Being larger allows for greater detail and intricacy, resulting in figures that are truly awe-inspiring. These figures offer a unique perspective on the characters they represent, capturing their essence on a large scale.

Within this collection, the characters take center stage, each with a unique narrative to tell. Representing both heroes and NPCs, these miniatures have been painted to level 3 quality, ensuring that every detail is a testament to the world they inhabit. From dashing swordsmen and enigmatic mages to cunning rogues and wise scholars, the characters evoke a sense of authenticity that draws us deeper into the realm’s stories.

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