Dystopian Wars Prussian Fleet Completed

During the Christmas holidays, for a present I gave myself a day off painting commissions and decided to finish off my Prussian fleet. Honestly I have a few more ships like a carrier and the fighter crafts but I wasn’t worried about them for the moment, I just wanted to get the starter fleet box set and the Dreadnought completed. Well the day was well spent and all the ships were completed.

I might come back when I have more time to perhaps put some rigging on the bigger ships, maybe some flags on the prow or some more Prussian symbols over the ships and maybe even basing them on some card with water. For now they are ready for play.

Here they are:

Dystopian Wars Prussians

Dystopian Wars Prussians

Dystopian Wars Prussians

Dystopian Wars Prussians

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  1. Hey mate great job! Was wondering if you would be willing to tell me what colours were used in this? I would like to try and replicate it on my own Prussians as ive been Um’ing and Ah’ing over what colours to choose and yours really spoke to me, also any painting tips or tricks that would help out an amateur painter would be greatly appreciated.

    Again great work!

    • Hi Brod,

      I will be putting together a painting guide in the next week with regards to how the Prussians were painted (techniques, paint colours ext). After that I will also be putting out a guide for the Britannians (they’re pictures are still coming)

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