We’re Moving!

We’ve finally been given the go ahead and we’re moving the studio!

We’re still remaining in Canberra, in fact we’re only moving ten minutes up the road. The new studio will be bigger dedicated studio with all the bells and whistles that we have been wanting; multiple dedicated spray booths, a proper packing area, dedicated photography booth and more. We will also be setting up a dedicated gaming/review table with a proper video and lighting setup to record battle reports, reviews and unboxings. Most importantly there will be room for additional painters which we hope to bring on board early in the new year.

The move is going to take place relatively fast with the current studio being taken apart next week. After which we will be spending the rest of the time up to Christmas moving and setting up the new studio. Unfortunately Whilst the move is going on we will be unable to conduct any painting, so any commissions that we currently have will be on hold until after Christmas day.

Once the new studio is set up and running we will resume with commission painting. We will also be looking for new painters who will join the team to help complete our current commissions quicker. This will allow us to open up again for commissions earlier than anticipated and to provide an ongoing quicker turn around time for future commissions.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for our pictures of the new studio move and setup.

If you are sending anything to us, please contact us to receive the new shipping address.


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