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When Painting Goes Wrong

Ultramarine CaptinThere are times when I start painting that I suddenly come up with a ‘great’ idea and decide that the poor model that i’m currently painting in front of me will have this ‘great’ idea implemented on it. I then have to make a decision as to whether i can repair the situation or strip the model.

This has just happened to me. In the interest of trying out differing colour schemes for my Ultramarines i decided to use the miniature in front of me at the time; my poor Ultramarine Games Day Captain. I decided to try and blend from a dark colour up to a white shine, to give a more prominent highlight to the hero. Now this might work with an independent character that didn’t have to sit in amongst troops painted in similar colours. This poor character will not seem to be part of the Ultramarines forces he will accompany on the battle field.

So I slept on it and decided that i’m going to proceed with the gold highlights and see if that takes the edge of the blue highlights. If that fails I’ll try and introduce some more subtle blue tones to match with the regular Ultramarines. If that fails then he’s getting a nail polish bath to remove the paint and start again.

Stay tuned to see how this ends up.

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