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Whats on the painting table

Well its been a while for a Whats on the Painting Table. There has been a stack of things going on over here, so much so that the website hasn’t been updated as much as I would like. The little project which I started 9 months ago finally came to completion which has taken me off-line for the past several weeks.

Here is the project:



My little baby daughter 🙂 With all the late nights recently I’ve actually had painting time (albeit in the early parts of the morning) so a lot of commission work has been getting completed, I’ve just not had a descent amount of time (or sleep) to actually get the imagery on to the site.

Now that things are getting back to normal, here is what we have on the table at the moment:

Wes’s Workbench

1743636_704757829577223_166729276_n 1688457_704764996243173_1603614789_n
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