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Whats on the painting table


Well lots of painting has been going on in the past week. We had completed painting some Dungeon Quest miniatures, a Khador miniature as well as a Dryad – watch out for these posts this week.

In the mean time Chris, Lee and myself have been working on some Dystopian Wars. Chris is painting a Chinese faction up to tabletop standards, Lee is painting up a Antarctica faction to tabletop quality and I’m painting up a Prussian fleet to Standard quality.

I’m also working on a Tau Hammerhead (standard quality) which just needs some camouflage and some green sept markings to be painted on it. I’m also working on a Display Quality Crimson Fist Kantor model.


Wes’s Workbench

photo image
image image

Chris’s Workbench

1896921_708368445882828_531835330_n photo 3

Lee’s Workbench

1554388_708368379216168_1622115500_n photo 1
 photo 2



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