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Whats on the Painting Table

This week we are working on various different commissions. As always, the below update is a sample of the work rather than all of the work we are currently doing (sometimes I forget to take photos of everything we have on the boil).

Table load of buildings


At the moment we are painting up a whole stack of Warhammer 40k buildings as well as Forge World Tiles. The tiles and buildings are to match previous Forge World scenery and Tilescape tiles commissioned before.

Ongoing Talisman commissions


We currently have several Talisman sets that are being painted over a long duration (there was a special for these sets). Now when I say sets, I mean every single miniature for all the expansions. We are painting the core set first and then each expansion, that way when each expansion is completed we can ship it out to the client so they can have something new on an ongoing basis.

Star Wars Armada micro ships

Not too much to say here other than lots of tiny ships being painted for Star Wars Armada.

Harlequin Army

FullSizeRender3 IMG_7761

Finally the Harlequin army is nearing completion. Lots of vehicles completed (not pictured here) and most of the work done on the infantry. I must admit that after this commission I never want to see diamond patterns again!

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