Space Hulk Brother Noctis

Space Hulk Brother NoctisWhen I began painting the rest of the Space Marines, I wanted to try some more painting techniques that I would not normally use on my play miniatures.

I’ve tried to stimulate the eerie confines of a space hulk using lots of lighting and shadows. The shades started quiet dark and the details started getting lost. As such i’ve lightened the colour scheme up considerably.

Since I’m making use of painting all the shadows the miniature, I decided to use object lighting technique on the torch on the glove and glowing eyes. Originally I also painted the glow from the shoulder camera/torch on to the marines helmet but the blue/white glow coupled with the green glowing eyes and red helmet made him look like a clown. So I removed it and decided instead to make the shoulder gadget a camera (no light glow).

Finally finished him up with some battle damage across the armour.

Space Hulk Brother Noctis

Space Hulk Brother Noctis

Space Hulk Brother Noctis

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