Ultramarines 40k and Horus Heresy Infantry

This is the final batch of the Ultramarine Space Marine miniature commission, featuring an array of infantry models. This project brought together iconic Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40,000 infantry units, all meticulously painted to our level 4 quality. This final batch including bikes, the Invictarus Suzerain squad, Primaris Squad, and two Horus Heresy Cataphractii Terminator squads equipped with custom missile launchers.

The Primaris Squad, representing the Ultramarines’ vanguard of the future, boasts a modern aesthetic fused with the classic Ultramarine design. We painted each miniature with precision, ensuring that the intricate Primaris armor details were highlighted. The mix of sleek blue armor, gold accents, and green glow of their plasma weapons creates a striking visual impact on the tabletop.

The Invictarus Suzerain squad, an elite formation within the Ultramarine ranks, received the same meticulous treatment. We paid careful attention to each miniature’s armor details, and insignias, creating a sense of unparalleled authority and skill. Their gold trim, coupled with striking blue armor, truly showcases their status as elite warriors.

The bikes within this commission exude speed and raw power. Using a mix of vibrant blues, striking gold highlights, and martian red weathering, we brought out the intricate features of these vehicles.

The two Horus Heresy Cataphractii Terminator squads in this commission pay homage to the glorious battles of the past, showcasing the Ultramarines’ enduring legacy. Each Terminator squad was equipped with custom missile launchers, further emphasizing their destructive potential. The attention to detail in these miniatures brings their formidable presence to life.

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