New Service, New Store & Gift Certificates!

As you can see from the last week worth of posts, there have been many changes to the Centerpiece Miniatures business. This is in part due to feedback and constant requests for services we didn’t offer. We have now introduced the following services:

Tabletop Quality Commission Painting Service:

This service is designed to get your armies and mass amount of miniatures painted to a suitable level to allow you to tournament with legal painted armies as well as to play your own games. We have two new artists; Chris and Lee who will be able to assist you with getting your armies painted.

New Store:

This new store will allow us to sell various bits and pieces that we produce as well as completed painted miniatures and armies. Keep an eye out for some really nice Display Pieces that turn up here.

 Gift Certificates:

We now offer gift certificates for both our store as well as our commission service. They make great gifts and prizes. You can order your certificates from our store.


Some of the ideas we’re still tossing around include a trade program (which seems to be the buzz with other services) where we would accept miniature trade-in  in leu for painting service or for gift vouchers. Another service we’re thinking of doing is a terrain service, though this idea is still quiet immature and more thought needs to go into it.

If you have any ideas or thoughts, please feel free to comment and let us know.

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