Harlequin Army

20150707-Harliquin Army-016

Few weeks back we completed a Harlequin army which was painted to Standard Quality. All the Harlequins had the arms magnetized to allow the different weapon options included on their sprues to be used. The Vehicles also had their weapons magnetized to allow changes as well.

The Harlequins were painted to the Midnight Sorrow pattern which included a heap of diamond patterns (these took a lot of time to paint on all their arms and legs!).

The Troope

20150707-Harliquin Army-011 20150707-Harliquin Army-012
20150707-Harliquin Army-013 20150707-Harliquin Army-014
20150707-Harliquin Army-015 20150707-Harliquin Army-016
20150707-Harliquin Army-017 20150707-Harliquin Army-018


The Vehicles

20150707-Harliquin Army-002 20150707-Harliquin Army-003
20150707-Harliquin Army-004 20150707-Harliquin Army-005
20150707-Harliquin Army-007 20150707-Harliquin Army-008
20150707-Harliquin Army-009 20150707-Harliquin Army-010
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