Dystopian Wars Scenery

To complement my Prussian Fleet (and soon to be painted Britannian fleet) and to allow some scenery on my Dystopian Wars board, I bought and painted some islands. Yes I could have built some islands from scratch my I currently don’t have the time and I wanted to get something on the board as soon as possible.

I ended up buying some Amera Plastic Islands. The Amera Plastics Island Starter set contains five plastic Islands. I then glued some sand and rocks on to the islands, did some spray painting on the sand and rocks and then flocked the islands. Not bad for several hours with of work…

Dystopian Wars Islands Dystopian Wars Islands Dystopian Wars Islands

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  1. Love what you’ve done here with our islands, hoping OK to share on Fb and twitter?

  2. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for that, feel free to share 🙂

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