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Painting Curse of Zandri

The Curse of Zandri is a rather quick ship to paint compared to some others (such as the Heldenhammer). Its is assembled in once piece and is undercoated black. When painting this ship, it is important to ensure you have a fine detail brush to paint the marble finish on the statues.

Painting Curse of Zandri

Painting Curse of ZandriBegin painting the ship from the reed hull first and working our way out towards the gold emblems. The Reed hull is undercoated in GW Khemri Brown. At this point add a wash of GW Devlan Mud, trying to build it up around the edges rather then the center of the hull. It is then dry brushed with a 1:1 mix of Khemri Brown and GW Desert Yellow, keeping the dry brushing away from the edges and emphasizing the center.  Finally mix a 1:1:2 mix of Khemri Brown, Desert Yellow and GW Bleached Bone and dry brush this last highlight at the center of the hull, keeping away from edges.

Painting Curse of ZandriPaint the top of the hull first by base coating in GW Calthan Brown. Once dry, mix a 2:1 ration for Calthan Brown and GW Bleached Bone. Dry brush this towards the center of the hull. Next mix a 1:1 ration of Calthan Brown and Bleached Bone, and dry brush this in a smaller spread towards the empty center space keeping away from the catapults and bolt throwers.

Painting Curse of ZandriThe Gold emblems, and embossing is base coated in GW shining gold. Once dry, coat these areas in a generous coating of GW Devlin Mud wash. Now mix a 1:1 Devlin Mud and GW Burnished gold and apply it to the raised areas as the beginning of the highlights. Apply plain Burnished Gold as the more extremes for highlights. Finally mix a 1:1 of Burnished Gold and GW Mithril silver and apply it to the very extremes, edges and corners as the final highlights for the gold areas

Painting Curse of ZandriThe marble statues require a steady hand, so have a break at this point. Base coat the statues in black. Paint the edges of the statues in GW Dark Angel Green. Apply a 1:1 mix of Dark Angel Green and GW Hawk Turquoise as a highlight to the edges. Apply the final highlight to these edges with a 1:2 mix of Dark Angel Green and Hawk Turquoise.

Painting Curse of ZandriTo paint the marble effect, take your fine detail brush and paint using  Dark Angel green some branches along the dark areas, try and make Y shapes, U Shapes, a blend of these shapes. Keep the lines a little thick as with each layer, the painting will become narrower and narrower. Next mix a 1:1 Dark Angel Green and Hawk Turquoise and paint a thinner line within the previous lines. Next layer use Hawk turquoise and is painted within the line of the last layer. Finally take a 2:1 mix of white and Hawk turquoise and paint it within the last layer, keeping to cross over points where the lines intersect, and areas that are a little thicker then others.

Attach the ship to the already painted sea base and add the ship to your growing fleet.

Painting Curse of Zandri

Painting Curse of Zandri

Painting Curse of Zandri

Painting Curse of Zandri

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