Chaos Warhound Titan

The Chaos Warhound was painted to level 4 quality to a custom colour scheme for the client. It was based to add additional support and to tie in the Titan to the clients existing army which was snow based.


The model was based with a snow theme. The base was also flocked with snow over the rocks. The model was weathered and the open ‘wounds’ had blood painted leaking out including out of the pipe works.


The Warhound Titan was magentised in several locations to allow the model to be packaged and moved and reassembled for gaming. It also allows for interchangable weaponry (4 weapon arms wee painted). The Warhound head and body plates were not glued into place thus to allow viewing of the internals.


The models internals were heavily weeathered, blood was painted on the pipe works and flesh componentents in the machinery.

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