Astra Militarum Artillery

We have completed another segment of the Astra Militarum commission, featuring the awe-inspiring Imperial artillery. Each of these powerful war machines has been meticulously painted to a level 4 quality,

The Basilisks: Renowned for their devastating long-range firepower, have received special attention in this segment of the commission. With our level 4 painting techniques and weathering expertise, we have brought these artillery vehicles to life, infusing them with a battle-worn appearance. Using weathering powder paints, we have meticulously applied dirt, dust, and grime effects to create a realistic weathered look. Paint techniques have been employed to depict metal wearing on panels and chipped paint, while rust effects add authenticity to the tanks’ battle-scarred exteriors. The addition of oil leaks and black soot around the cannons and engines completes the picture, showcasing the immense power and history of these fearsome war machines.

The Wyverns: Formidable rocket artillery platforms, have also undergone meticulous weathering and battle damage treatment. Drawing upon our expertise in level 4 painting and weathering techniques, we have brought these aerial devastators to life with an authentic and battle-worn appearance. The crew screens were painted to show small detailed range finders and other computer imagery. Weathering powder paints have been skillfully used to simulate dirt, dust, and grime accumulation. Paint techniques have been employed to depict metal wearing and chipped paint, giving the vehicles a realistic and aged appearance. Rust effects have been carefully added to convey the tanks’ service history, while black soot and oil stains around the rocket launchers enhance their menacing presence.

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