Star Wars Millennium Falcon 1/144 Model



Well this is the first ‘official’ model that we have painted – the Star Wars Millenium Falcon from Fine Models. We have painted models of war game vehicles such as Warhammer 40k (tanks and flyers ect) but this is the first non-wargame model we have painted up. Now really its no different then painting the vehicles from Warhammer except that the instructions were in Japanese. The Fine Model brands is renowned for its precise builds and the seamless connections of its parts. When I was constructing this model, I was blown away at how tightly and seamless each of the fits were. There was next to no clean up required, all the parts when attached to the sprue were attached in placed were the attachments were not seen on the model, so if you miscut it from the sprue it wouldn’t affect the appearance of the model.

The Millinium Falcon was mostly aircrushed with a variation of greys. There red and grey markings/plates all along the hull were painted with the airbrush only after masking the area off. The model was given some lite weathering as requested by the client.

photo 1photo 2







All in all it was a nice model to work with, in fact I liked the final piece so much I’m going to get the 1/72 version of the Millenium Falcon from the Fine Models.


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