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Kingdom Death Pinups – Great Game Hunter

This is the Great Game Hunter and her faithful assistant. There was not a lot of place to on the supplied base to place the cowering naked person holding the crossbow either in front or to the side so I was forced to put it behind the main miniature. Only […]


Kingdom Death Pinups – Savior

Well there is only two more Pin-ups of Death to go after this. The Savior had see-through stockings painted on her to go with the whole aesthetics of the model. The sword and gold were of course painted in NMM techniques. 


Kingdom Death Pinups – Preacher

The Preacher from Kingdom Death has been completed to Display Quality. Something a few people have asked from the prior Kingdom Death posts is where we got the flowers from. We sourced ours locally from an online ship called Wargame Miniatures. The brand is Mini Natur and the quality of […]


Kingdom Death Pinups – Architect

We’re slowly making our way through all the Pin-ups of Death. Today is the architect. Again using the Scale 75 paint range, this miniature was painted to our Display Standard. More images of her here:


Kingdom Death Pinups – Twilight Knight

This is Pin-up of Death number 2 out of a series of 8. This is the Twilight Knight and I must admit is one of my favorite looking and favorites to paint. She has the right amount of armour, clothing and skin to make it enjoyable to paint. Again we […]


Kingdom Death Pinups – White Speaker

Another Pin-up of Death completed. Again this miniature was painted up to Display Quality using NMM techniques. The grass has been made by using a static grass applicator (one from Grasstech) and some 6mm static grass passed through it. Here are some more images of the White Speaker:


Kingdom Death Pinups – Forsaker

  I’m very excited to try my hand at these Pinups of Death from the Kingdom Death range. The commission involved painting the 8 plastic miniature box set that is available now from the Kingdom Death website. The miniatures were to be painted to Display Quality with Non-metallic metal techniques. […]

Weekly Updates

Whats on the Painting Table

Last week we painted losts of Infinity miniatures and worked through some Warhammer Scenery. We’re still working through them at the time of this update (you can always find lots of work in progress imagery at our Facebook site) with all of these commissions wrapping up this week. The team […]