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Custom Made 30k Knight Envoy

This is a custom made Warhammer 40k Imperial Knight Pilot/envoy which was made for a Warhammer 30k campaign. This was painted to a level 5 quality with NMM techniques and marble flooring.


Heaps of 40k Buildings

Over the past 6 months we have painted a lot of buildings for our local tournament organiser. There have been many buildings and some very large scenery pieces that have been completed (and a lot more still awaiting painting so keep tuned). All these miniatures were painted to Level 3 […]


Lots of Ultramarine Terminators

We’ve recently began a large Ultramarine commission which utilises┬áthe dark blue to extreme highlights colour scheme. It’s the same colour scheme that I have used for my own Ultramarine force (see here and here for the colours). The bases were given a ruddy mars desert look to compliment the blue […]