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Whats on the painting table

I’ll take this chance between completing commissions to show you whats we’re all working on at the moment. I’ve got a selection of items that are all running currently. I like to paint multiple different things at any one time to ensure that I don’t get bored and thus let my painting standards slip. All the work range from ‘standard quality’ right through to Display quality (see if you can gues which is which).

Ultramarine Captin
Painting Tutorials

Correcting Past Mistakes

In a past post  I talked about issues and mistakes that happen and in particular about a Space Marine captain i was painting for my own Ultramarine army. This is an update post so that you can see the before and after. Originally I had a decision to make after painting […]

Warhammer 40k Thunder Warrior

Some Paintings in the Works

In my last post, I alluded that there are some miniatures that i’m painting up for my personal use for gaming and for display. Here are some in progress shots of some that i’m hoping to complete soon.