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Dark Elf Sorceress

The Dark Elf Sorceress Painted to Display Standard

I’m in between commissions, something that seems to be a rarity and thought great time to work on my Ultramarine force. Considering I’ve done so many Space Marine commissions lately I just couldn’t bring myself around to it. Then I spotted my arch nemeses sitting unpainted on my shelf – the Dark Elf Sorceress and decided what the heck, i’ll give her a go. Here is the result.

High Elf Ranger

High Elf Ranger

The next Warhammer Quest mini expansion to be painted up to a Master level is the High Elf Ranger. I’m slowly painting my way through my Warhammer Quest collection, starting with the expansions and painting them all to a master quality. Yes it will take some time to do this […]

Ultramarine Captin
Painting Tutorials

Correcting Past Mistakes

In a past post ┬áI talked about issues and mistakes that happen and in particular about a Space Marine captain i was painting for my own Ultramarine army. This is an update post so that you can see the before and after. Originally┬áI had a decision to make after painting […]

Warhammer Quest Troll Slayer

Warhammerquest Troll Slayer

I’ve painted this Warhammer Quest Troll Slayer for my own personal board game use. It is an example of the Master paint quality I offer for commission work using the Non-metal metal techniques.