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With the release of Relic: Halls of Terra from Fantasy Flight Games and its subsequent arrival at stores now, we are offering a special for all the Relic board games commission painting.

We are taking orders now for painting to begin in September.

We are offering the special across all the Relic core games and expansions to be painted by Damo (see his recent Relic Busts imagery below):

Normally each bust is $25 to paint to our Standard quality. Currently we are offering to paint them for $15. Look below at the table to see how much each game will cost to paint.

Relic Core GameRelic Board Game Relic Halls of Terrarelic Nemesis Relic Nemesismain_large
Painted: $150
Painted & Magnetised: $170
Painted: $90
Painted & Magnetised: $102
Painted: $60
Painted & Magnetised: $68

Miniatures will be collected over August for painting at the start of September. Depending on the amount of commissions that we receive, you can expect your miniatures to be completed within 4 – 6 weeks.

Whilst putting together our own Relic, we discovered that the stands are a little hard to insert into the busts. The tightness of the fit also makes us feel that over time this joint may become loose and thus not stay plugged to the bust. Enter the Magnets!

For an additional $2 per bust we can magnetize the base and the busts for you.

To secure your commission, use our contact form and quote ‘Relic Board Game Special’ to receive this discount. We will gather all your information and book your commission slot.

This offer will end at the end of August. This offer is not to be used in conjunction with any other of our discounts.

Here are some of the images of Relic busts painted by Damo, you can expect this quality of work for your Relic Nemesis miniatures:

11221433_967965226589814_6900368128592930165_o 11411728_967965233256480_3273877806698843388_o 11731758_967965229923147_7030353956372667476_o

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